About Us

Hi, I'm Emily

 Welcome to my home little home on the internet.  I wish I could pour you a cup of something warm to drink right here where you're reading from, but alas, let me just tell you a little bit of my story at least.

 My knitting adventures started in 2007 when a friend asked if I wanted to learn to knit with her and I’ve been enthralled ever since! I started with knitting blankets and quickly moved on to stuffed animals and lace work.

 My first attempts at clothing was hats, then sweaters, and then came the socks! Hand knit socks are fun and very portable projects but they take for-ev-er, like weeks and weeks. 

 As I knit, I was often asked if I would sell my knitting and I let the inquiring minds know that if I charged just for the yarn and $1 an hour there wouldn’t be any market at that price, haha!  

 Enter, the sock machine... I saw what looked like voodoo for the first time at the Missouri State Fair. And honestly, I thought it looked like cheating, using a machine to knit. Thankfully, I soon had a change of heart when I heard about the history of the machines. I’ll expound on that another time.

 A few years later I got the crazy idea to share more of my knitted work and get a machine for myself. Since learning to use this heavy hunk of history, I’ve been so privileged to share more warm, wonderful woolens with so many more people.

 Thank you for joining me in here and please take your time and look around.  If you have any questions or would like something custom made, please message me or email me at emily@330knits.com.